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Notes from John Fries, Designer Evolution Sails Mystic


4. April 2011

Notes from John Fries, Designer Evolution Sails Mystic:

"Virago" a Swan 100 took both first in class and first in fleet at the 2011 St Bart's Bucket, quite a showing for one of the smaller boats at the event A key factor in Virago's success was a strong edge in pointing ability upwind. "Virago" has 2 D4® Headsails built by Evolution Sails in Mystic CT. During this event a 100% carbon Taffeta AP jib was used. The AP jib was designed to cover a range from 0-25 knots, a pretty big task!
Due to it's high DPI Carbon layout, the AP jib is able to stay "into the rig" better than most, even at the top end of it's range.

Of additional interest, the "AP jib" turned 2 years old at this event. Analysis of it's flying shape shows very little movement after 2 years of race use. We are extremely happy with both the performance & durability of D4® in this application, as are the owners & crew of "Virago"!

Foto: ©Tim Wright