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Quantum Key West 2012


March 20th, 2012

The 3-regatta 2012 Lightning Class Southern Circuit concluded on March 18 with 54 boats racing in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Congratulations to David Dellenbaugh, Kip Hamblet, and Hale Walcoff (DPUS) second overall, with the only set of sails using DIMENSION-POLYANT fabric.
The 180OD HTP® plus in the main and jib was lower stretch and about 7% lighter than the standard fabric.
The DP cloth held designed shape very well from 25 knot puffs in Savannah, Georgia to drifting conditions in St. Petersburg.
The F60 minimum weight spinnaker was smooth out of the bag, and fast in everything from planing reaches to light air runs.
DP’s proprietary Formulon coating also proved to be durable: after rinsing and drying the spinnaker after the 12th and final race, it was still crispy.
The International Lightning Class is the biggest 3-person dinghy class in the world, with over 15,000 boats and fleets in Europe, North America and South America.