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Fascination: Sailcloth Technology

Technology now available from the aerospace and automotive industries is being used by yachts competing in some of the Worlds most prestigious regattas including Americas Cup, Vendee Globe, Sydney-Hobart and of course the Olympic Games. The interest is such that financial, IT and Telecommunication companies make use of the prestige associated with such events. The fascination with Sailing has become a synonym for our high-tech society. DIMENSION-POLYANT's developments and innovative technology are leading the way. The Groups HQ are in Kempen 'lower Rhine' Germany with the U.S. and Australia being the other manufacturing centres.Together with the worldwide sales and distribution outlets they supply the increasing demands of the sailmakers around the globe. DIMENSION-POLYANT has become the global market leader with its continued emphasis on 'quality and service'. Sailcloth Technology from DIMENSION-POLYANT has been used on a vast range of marine craft including demanding racing yachts, traditional cruisers, dinghies and windsurfers. The best sailcloth in the world is available to all sailors in the world.

As sailmakers, you always do your utmost to produce precise and perfect sails. In order to do this, you rely on quality, and this is why you can put your faith in DIMENSION-POLYANT.

DIMENSION-POLYANT is the only sailcloth manufacturer having its own ultra-modern sailcloth weaving mill and a unique finishing plant where the fabrics pass through a 14-stage program. Weaving, finishing, laminating - all in one hand. This close meshing of weaving and further processing means: short routes, a quick overview and tight quality control. Each stage of production is continuously and precisely monitored and controlled with the aid of processors.

Heavy-duty sailcloth from DIMENSION-POLYANT is woven and multi-stage finished using the most modern techniques, thus ensuring dimensional stability and extended durability. Using the best material to fulfil the highest requirements. This uniformly high, and professionally reproducible, standard is the result of know-how acquired over many years insuring the cloth is of ultimate quality.

The basis for your faith in us are reliability, precision and care, and with these, DIMENSION-POLYANT sets standards. For generations, they have been the determining factors as far as innovation and the production of top-quality sailcloth are concerned. For sails that, time and time again, bring the winners home in national and international regattas in all boat classes.


The ultimate link between wind and water.