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Raw Material

DIMENSION-POLYANT uses only fibres of highest quality. Best material for highest demand. Sailcloth from DIMENSION-POLYANT is the result of longstanding know-how. Consistently high, professional and repeatable standard.


DIMENSION-POLYANT weaves high performance fabrics under technically most up-to-date conditions; special looms provide an extremely tight weave. To ensure the consistency of our superior quality we have developed a special air condition system for the manufacturing of sailcloth. Each style is at its optimum.

Quality Assurance

Production steps are exactly monitored and controlled; precise, computer supported, complete. Our testing - UV, impact flutter, wet test, etc. - is the standard to assure consistent fabrics from lot to lot.

Finishing & Laminating

DIMENSION-POLYANT uses a variety of finishing techniques: impregnating - coating - laminating. The production of DIMENSION-POLYANT sailcloth is done with the latest techniques to meet the highest level for environmental conditions.

DIMENSION-POLYANT maintains a worldwide sales network to cover all possible demands. Cloth is air freighted from our production facilities all over the world. In the column "BRANCHES" you will find our distribution offices with their address details.


DIMENSION-POLYANT sends rolls of sailcloth all over the world. Inventories in strategic locations assure prompt deliveries.