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Hydra Net®UVi® Technology

Hydra Net® is a tightly woven high tenacity fabric with a "net" of Ultra-PE for offshore cruisers. This special construction has been refined and developed utilizing our in-house, high performance looms to create a fabric that is unique in the sailcloth market.

Features of Hydra Net®:
• comfortable handling
higher flex strength
reduced mildew problems
easier to store
better durability

Apart from the on the water advantages Hydra Net® allows sailmakers to offer high tech sails in a woven construction.

Productinfo (PDF Document 535 KB)

Hydra Net® radialUVi® Technology

DIMENSION-POLYANT adds a new Hydra Net® radial range of styles for radial constructed sails to the successful line of Hydra Net® fabrics. With its special weave and finish Hydra Net® radial features unsurpassed strength and longevity, exceeding the specifications of other wovens and many laminates.

Hydra Net® radial is constructed with an extremely high share of Ultra-PE fibers in the warp direction. Hydra Net® radial is an extremely tight weave achieving superior shape retention along with a soft hand. Design targets that were possible with laminates only can now be put into practice with Hydra Net® radial. The Hydra Net® radial range of fabrics comprises several styles that can be combined for step-up constructions.

Productinfo (PDF Document 607 KB)