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Cruising Laminate



DIMENSION-POLYANT cruising laminates were developed to create low stretch, durable, easy to handle furling high tech sails. Two layers of polyester taffeta are laminated on both sides of a film-encapsulated scrim which proved to have excellent warp stretch performance and great tear strength. The rugged taffetas covering the film and scrim are coated with our unique UVM™ finish to improve UV resistance and to reduce the chances for mildew growth.

The DCX styles are our latest development in sandwich laminates. Based on our successful DC line we have implemented a 9° X-PLY® to support off angle tensions.

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The DCP line remains unchanged in our range. Scrims made from PEN fibre are providing a high stretch resistance.




DIMENSION-POLYANT developed with the styles of the DYS® Offshore Technology a range of Ultra-PE sandwich laminates exhibiting easy handling and excellent durability. The Ultra-PE base is encapsulated by film on which a taffeta is laminated.
This rugged laminate line has proven its value in performance cruising sails. DYS®X range is the 4th generation of this performance laminate line. Specially developed finishing techniques minimize the chance of mildew growth.  

Features of DYS®
- High Tenacity, High Modules fibres – Polyester and Ultra-PE
- Tight Weave
- Double sided UVM® coating

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FLEX® Ultra

Based on our experience with DFlex and FLEX® PolyCruise a need was identified for a higher performance double taffeta crosscut laminate. FLEX® Ultra exhibits a true fill construction resulting from a blend of Polyester and Ultra-PE fibres.

The FLEX® Ultra line is coated with the DIMENSION-POLYANT UVM® finish and the inner structure is treated with a hydrophobic process to eliminate internal water absorption.

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The GXLD line is a continuation of developments targeted for the emerging megaboat market. As different products are tested in the high-load applications these boats develop, it's more obvious that combinations of the known fibre characteristics we have dealt with can be intertwined to produce unique fabrics. The fabrics must combine light weight with exceptional shape holding characteristics and long term durability. Melding these characteristics through our in-house lamination affords us the luxury of testing different combinations of taffetas, scrims and films to produce the highest end product at a reasonable cost-to-performance in its' application.

To reach this end, we've developed the GXLD line as a combination of the strongest, most
durable product in Ultra-PE and the lowest stretch material in Carbon. By constructing this line with rugged ripstop Ultra-PE taffetas, the inherent chafe of sto-way masts and booms in hydraulically powered applications becomes a non-factor. The strength of the proprietary carbon inserts addresses the intense loads while minimizing cloth distortion and growth, critical factors that must be addressed in keeping sail geometry perfect to fit the many handling systems crucial to sailing these boats.


LITE SKIN<sup>®</sup>   Lite Skin<sup>®</sup>

DIMENSION-POLYANT has developed the Lite Skin® composite product to address an overlapping concern for both racers and cruisers: a light, rugged sailcloth skin for increased durability.
The Lite Skin® is a sheet of random array, non-woven filaments that provides increased abrasion resistance at a minimal weight gain.
The Lite Skin® is further accented with an opaque finish that virtually eliminates the traditional paneled sail appearance, delivering a sleek visual look. Lite Skin® provides specific advantages when compared to the standard film/film and taffeta products.

Productinfo (PDF-Document 635 KB)