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Racing laminates


DIMENSION-POLYANT invented the TriPLY lamination technique many years ago. Over the years these styles have evolved to become a rugged, lightweight range of fabrics with unmatched lamination bond. This multi-directional line is very suitable as front-end material in head and mainsails.



As a complement to our successful polyester based PX Line DIMENSION-POLYANT introduced PEN versions of these fabrics. These styles practically utilize the same constructions as the PX versions with one exception: PEN fiber is used in the warp direction. PEN has a higher modulus than polyester and these fabrics exhibit approximately 30 to 40% lower stretch than their Polyester equivalents. New for the 2006 season is the "step up" fill construction. As the warp strength goes up - so does the fill strength. The PEN X-PLY® Line of fabric is the ideal choice for sails where low stretch is a top priority and aramid based fabrics must not be used. The PE fabrics are produced utilizing our patented X-PLY® technique assuring sailmakers of reliable performance and the highest quality lamination available on the sailcloth market. As further improvement the X-PLY® contains PEN fibers.


Polyester X-PLY® Line

DIMENSION-POLYANT Polyester black X-PLY® line has been created by inserting a 6° black polyester X-PLY® yarn into a warp oriented scrim of high tenacity polyester. It is available in both a racing scrim version with film on both sides and a taffeta version where we have laminated a super lightweight taffeta on one side for extra durability. In this logical line we have increased the range of applications while still assuring superior shape holding characteristics. The X-PLY® Line is very suitable for applications as different as genoas, mainsails and front-end materials.


Polyester X-Ply® Black Line

DIMENSION-POLYANT has developed the PXB Polyester line based on our very successful PX Polyester warp oriented fabrics. The custom black fiber coating will increase the UV properties of the Polyester fiber in an efficient weight-to-stregth radial construction. As with our standard PX styles, the weight ranges will step up in 5000 denier per inch increments on the warp, from 5000 DPI to 20000 DPI. The fill DPI also increases as the warp count goes up to address the higher overall loading across the sail. DIMENSION-POLYANT‘s patented X-PLY® further addresses off angle loading for the highest stability available in an economic fabric.

The PXB line is particularly suited to many one design classes that still specify Polyester as the only class legal fiber, and as a cosmetic addition to Grand Prix and Club race boats that use either Carbon or Black Aramid sails and look for a colour match throughout the inventory.

PX Black Line: Productinfo (PDF 698 KB)



DIMENSION-POLYANT’s FLEX® line stands for “Fill Laminate Extra X”. FLEX® is especially suited to racing sails. Foundations of all FLEX® laminate constructions are strong fill and warp yarns. Additional 20° and 30° “double X” patterns from the fill absorb multiple load situations. Thanks to its novel construction, FLEX® handles strain in six different directions, resulting in unprecedented shape retention characteristics. In addition to primary loads, off-angle loads in clew, head and tack areas, mid leech and luff are catered for. FLEX® will also absorb those dynamic loads that occur during sailing and enables excellent shape control. FLEX® styles are crosscut fabrics and available with several fibre densities which can be combined in a sail in accordance with the expected load situation. FLEX’s® tight-knit fibre matrix guarantees long performance life and superior durability.

FLEX® Black: Productinfo (PDF-Document 680 KB)
FLEX® Polyester: Productinfo (PDF Document 561 KB)

GPL GraphX<sup>®</sup> Performance

DIMENSION-POLYANT's line of GraphX® carbon laminates for racing and cruising yachts of all sizes continues to have a huge impact on the sailing world. Superior fiber handling and advanced lamination technology using our patented insert process makes GraphX® the most durable carbon laminates on the market today.

G.P.L. is the first laminated sailcloth line to capture the strength of high performance carbon. G.P.L. laminates utilize high strength carbon warp sheet fiber, super rugged Technora base and Technora X-PLY to create racing fabrics with incredible resistance to flex, elongation and degradation from U.V.  These compo-site fabrics are the answer for no compromise race®(until legal in all classes) sails where the ultimate strength is demanded. G.P.L.’s take Carbon to a new level in High Performance materials.

GPL-GraphX®: Productinfo (PDF Document 567 KB)
GPL Lite Skin®: Productinfo (PDF Document 690 KB)


Carbon Sport   Lite Skin<sup>®</sup>

Carbon Sport is the result of careful assessment of the club racers requirements together with technical development and innovation strongly influenced by the proven GPL GraphX® line.
With performance provided by a Carbon based inner structure, manufactured using the latest state of the art, industry leading production methods, Carbon Sport will make sails fast for longer.
Carbon Sport in combination with the exclusive Lite Skin® demonstrates a further evolution in club racing with increasing lifespan.

Carbon Sport: Productinfo (PDF Document 680 KB)

* patent pending


One Design Laminate

Designed to absorb a wide variety of loads often seen in One Design sails the One Design Laminates are produced with Technora® Black in the warp and fill achieving an unmatched strength and durability. With the extra wide X-PLY® angle of 22° and Technora® Black as X-PLY® material this line is the ultimate in high performance One Design Laminates.

Features of One Design Laminate-Line

  • Very low stretch
  • Outstanding shape holding durability
  • Grand Prix sail - scrim version
  • Extra Wide X-PLY® for One Design


Black X-Tech

Developed from our successful Aramid X-Tech line, the new BX-Tech fabrics continue the trendtoward a more balanced base construction for warp orientated laminates. The base 0-90 Technora® scrims in this line are fill oriented for better luff to leech strength, critical in increased life for roller furling and overlapping headsails. The Technora® yarn also offers high flex and impact durability due to high tenacity. The black Aramid warp fibres provide load-line strength in tri-radial construction, and the black dye increases UV resistance over the life of the sail. Targeted for the serious racer in boats up to 42`, BX-Tech is a hybrid innovation that combines the best properties of similar fibres to create a long lasting fabric that will perform to the owner‘s expectations.

Black X-Tech: Productinfo (PDF Document 822 KB)



In this proven line of racing laminates we combine several exclusive production technologies. Our special developed Ti-Tex treatment eliminates any low load crimp and provides totally linear loading performance.