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Precision Cloth

DIMENSION-POLYANT has developed this new line especially for racing applications. Therefore these styles are only available in white

Precision Spinnaker Cloth
DIMENSION-POLYANT has engineered the Precision Spinnaker materials to complement today’s radial constructed spinnakers. It offers unmatched tears, a superior smooth surface and the cloth is very stable. Available are specific racing and cruising styles in various weights and constructions.
Race Precision Nylon: Productinfo (PDF-Document 146 KB)
Cruise Precision Nylon: Productinfo(PDF-Document 355 KB)

Cruise Precision Polyester - CPP
Specially engineered to suit the needs for big boat spinnakers this Polyester cloth is highly rugged and stable.

Pro Lite
Evolving from our technology in combining Polyester and Ultra-PE in woven sailcloth, DIMENSION-POLYANT has developed this light weight, high tear resistance material. Applications range from Asymmetrical Spinnakers and Gennakers for Super Yachts to Code Zeros for light upwind usage. In any application, this fabric exhibits outstanding burst strength.

Ripstop Spinnaker Dilon
Ripstop Dilon is an impregnated, high performing spinnaker fabric with outstanding stretch characteristics and flatness. Our new Dilon 100, designed for both top end Grand Prix and AP Low Aspect applications, utilizes a proprietary double ripstop design that dramatically increases tear strength, essential for the shorthanded or cruising sailor where durability is a priority. Dilon 150 utilizes heavy duty 70 denier yarns on both the warp and fill for minimum stretch and high tear strength.

Ripstop Spinnaker - Polyester

DIMENSION-POLYANT Ripstop Polyester spinnaker fabrics exhibit several unique characteristics that produce exceptionally fast spinnakers. These fabrics rely on their tight Polyester yarn construction rather than a heavy finish to resist stretch. Spinnakers can be built to maximum measurements due to minimum changes of characteristics when exposed to water and sun.

Exceptional characteristics are
  • Superior warp stretch characteristics
  • Minimum water absorption
  • Lightweight construction
  • Excellent tear and breaking strength
  • Double ripstop
  • Zero porosity

Code Zero Laminates

Initially developed for offshore racing but gaining popularity in club and buoy racing. Code Zero’s are similar to asymmetric spinnakers but are flatter in shape, performing like a light air genoa. Recognizing that conventional spinnaker fabrics have insufficient stretch resistance to work in these conditions, DIMENSION-POLYANT developed this dedicated lightweight laminate line to match the application. The Code Zero line is unmatched in strength to weight in use. The original Code Zero fabric from DIMENSION-POLYANT continues to offer options for off-wind needs to both the offshore racer and the performance orientated cruiser.

• Aramid warp insert
• 50x50 taffeta
• Technora® Black X-PLY®

Code Zero: Productinfo (PDF Document 440 KB)

Code Zero GP

New for 2014, CZ GP is engineered with a rugged black aramid warp insert and X-PLY® for the highest thread line strength. Combined with a high count polyester fill for trans-directional stability, this product is unique to the market. Designed as a no compromise racing laminate, CZ GP offers several characteristics that make it unique for the application.

• film/film construction for minimal moisture pickup
• semi-transparent appearance for increased visibility
• high count 500 denier polyester fill scrim for low fill stretch and
  increased tear strength
• soft hand due to 0.75 mil total film thickness

Code Zero GP: Productinfo (PDF Document 466 KB)

Code ZeroPolyester

DIMENSION-POLYANT offers now an additional version of Code Zero in 100% Polyester. Both styles are laminated with black Polyester yarns and include white taffeta applied to a single side.

• New options for cruising sailors
• Reliable technology
• Excellent longevity