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Windsurfing, Kitesurfing

Surf Polyester

DIMENSION-POLYANT woven polyester surf styles. Available in various colors 144 cm wide.

Surf Laminates

DIMENSION-POLYANT laminated polyester surf styles. Available in various colors.

Mast Sleeve Material

Super robust material with a finish optimized for modern surf sail constructions.

X-PLY® Reinforced Monofilm

DIMENSION-POLYANT 13° (T725) or 22° (T825) X-PLY® reinforced Monofilm. With its optically clear Monofilm this style is specifically constructed as high tech window material as well as surf sail fabric. Now the DIMENSION-POLYANT laminate window line has been expanded to cover a wider range of performance.

T725 is our standard product and features black dyed Polyester yarns to increase tear strength. Wide spacing of the X-PLY® yarns offers excellent visibility and containment of tears should they occur. This style also has UV inhibitors in the adhesive bond to protect both the film and yarns in direct sunlight. This style is very popular for its performance and durability.

At the high end of the window applications is the new T825. This style features a white Ultra-PE yarn that provides high modulus stretch resistance and high tensile tear strength. The yarns are laid in both X-PLY® and warp insert configurations to maximize the performance of the fibre. The white yarn also tends to blend into any light background to give nearly clear optical visibility. As with the other styles, the UV block in the adhesive layer protects the Ultra-PE yarn to ensure zero loss of strength and tenacity.