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Macro shot – extremely tight weave with always consistent quality.


One DesignOne Design-RipstopUVi® Technology

DIMENSION-POLYANT One Design Polyester fabrics are a precision designed collection of purpose built fabrics to meet the requirements of a wide range of boat and sail applications. In-house weaving and finishing ensure that the tight constructions and variety of finishes, from the soft FTO to the exclusive hard coated HTP® plus, perform with a consistency for classes that demand a repeatable sail shape every time. Each style has proven its outstanding properties, particularly the 1% performance and controlled bias stretch, on and off the racecourse. Our One Design fabrics have been consistently refined over the years to be winners in sails from the Int. Optimist class up to Olympic classes.

AP Low AspectUVi® Technology

DIMENSION-POLYANT AP Low Aspect styles are engineered to provide good fill strength and at the same time excellent bias stretch resistance. The ability to resist long term loads comes from the construction of the woven cloth in close harmony with the resin’s ability to reinforce.

Productinfo (PDF Document 410 KB)

SF High AspectUVi® Technology

DIMENSION-POLYANT SF High Aspect styles have been developed and refined to create a very strong fill oriented sailcloth suitable for high aspect, high performance mainsails, jibs and #3 genoas. SF High Aspect show the best combination of low stretch performance and durability in high aspect applications. These styles feature excellent fill stability without sacrificing bias control.

Productinfo (PDF Document 410 KB)

SQUARE®UVi® Technology

DIMENSION-POLYANT Square® was designed for use in performance oriented sails. These premium polyester styles are used when improved off-the-threadline support is desired. Square® styles are unique in many aspects.

They are easily identified by a ripstop pattern woven into the substrate by using either 500 or 1000 denier yarns paired in both the warp and the fill direction. These yarns create an extremely rugged fabric, even in the lightweight styles with the very firm HTP® plus finish.

All the Square® styles feature fairly balanced constructions, woven with very tightly packed small denier yarns. Combined with larger size Square® yarns, it makes these styles low stretch in all three directions and suitable for both vertical and crosscut constructions in racing and cruising headsails as well as in small mainsails.

Productinfo (PDF Document 593 KB)

UVM® Finish

By applying the unique UVM® coating to select Polyester styles DIMENSION-POLYANT manufactures sailcloth with a particular high UV stability.

As a rule of thumb the UVM® finish adds 25% - 30% longer life to a fabric compared to an uncoated version.

In general, all Polyester styles can be supplied with UVM® finish. Minimum order quantity is 500 m per style. Available colours are:

Light beige (Colour Code: 8009)
White (Colour Code: 0001)
Light Grey (Colour Code: 2002)


Heavy FabricsUVi® Technology

These tightly woven, heavy fabrics have been engineered to perform in a wide range of applications. They are available in our soft FTO finish and the firmer, more bias stable MTO finish. Our Heavy fabrics are very often used in the sails for the huge square rigged school ships where excellent durability and easy handling are demanded.

Pro RadialUVi® Technology

DIMENSION-POLYANT has engineered the Pro Radial line to address the growing demand for radial sails built from woven Polyester fabrics. Pro Radial has virtually no crimp which we consider to be a basic necessity for such applications. This low crimp construction is achieved with a proprietary weave utilizing looms optimized to this application. DIMENSION-POLYANT, as the only vertical producer of sailcloth, is in the unique position to make this development possible. The Pro Radial Styles are produced with our UVi® Technology.

Produktinfo (PDF-Dokument 452 KB)

Light Fabrics

These styles are economy all round fabrics for small recreational sails, available only in MT finish.


DIMENSION-POLYANT C-Breeze are all round fabrics utilizing 100% high tenacity Polyester fibres. This line covers a wide range of applications in cruising sails and is available in 91,4 cm as well as 140  cm.
C-Breeze is only available in MT finish.

Coloured Cloth

Storm Orange

DIMENSION-POLYANT Storm Orange was specially developed to comply with the international safety regulations of the ORC for heavy weather and storm sails. This versatile and robust style is a must if wanted to be seen in a bad weather..


DIMENSION-POLYANT balanced polyester styles. Available in several colours.

DIMENSION-POLYANT Classic fabrics in the traditional colours cream and tanbark (tan) represent a unique line of cruising styles. With the MT finish it has a nice and yet soft hand which makes this sailcloth a must for all sailmakers who produce “classic” sails.