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Tornados at Kiel Week


28. Avril 2008

Solo Record - DIMENSION-POLYANT is proud that our materials helped Vittorio Malingri to set this new record. X-Tech was used on main and headsail and Formulon and Dilon were used in the spinnakers. Our congratulation to Vittorio Malingri!

Vittorio Malingri crossed the finish line at Guadeloupe on the 28 April at 5:24:12 a.m. U.T.C. It took him 13 days, 17 hours and 48 minutes to travel 2,545 miles from Dakar, Senegal to Guadeloupe, Antilles, single handedly, without assistance or stops aboard Royal Oak, a 6mt catamaran, equipped with Neil Pryde sails.

This is the first time anyone has attempted single handedly this route and now the official record for this solo crossing and defined as extreme sailing.

Vittorio’s first comments were: “It was a wonderful experience regardless of the difficulties and problems that I encountered. The boat worked marvelously, apart from the problems I had with the solar panels that affected my energy supply and therefore the functioning of the automatic pilot and phones. The biggest problem is that I had to do everything with only one hand, with the automatic pilot out my other hand was needed on the steering. At night, for short intervals I tied the rudder in order to rest. I did not suffer hunger or thirst. From a physical point of view, it was much less difficult than a leg on the around the world race in a larger boat. Now I am going to sleep in a bed. See you later.”

Once again, the numbers of this quest for the record:
Route from Dakar, Senegal to Guadeloupe, Antilles for a total of 2,545 miles aboard Royal Oak, a 6.09 meter catamaran.
The only reference point to compare with on this route was made by the two Frenchmen Pierre-Yves Moreau and Benoit Lequin, which last December took 11 days 11 hours and 25 minutes to complete in doubles.

Until the wind held up Vittorio was in perfect time with the record time, and was actually in advantage on April 18. Then, slowly but surely the Anticyclone of the Azores began to slacken and the intensity of the wind went down to 15 knots and this lightening of the wind did not make it possible to repeat or improve the hourly averages of the Frenchmen.

Malingri remains however, the first navigator to challenge the route, single-handedly and his is the reference time and record to beat for a solo crossing.