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FLEX, Fill Laminate Extra X, March 15th, 2006

DIMENSION-POLYANT’s FLEX line stands for “Fill Laminate Extra X”. The FLEX range of fabrics is suited to racing and cruising sails. Foundations of all FLEX laminate constructions are strong fill and warp yarns. Additional 20° and 30° “Double X” patterns from the fill absorb multiple load situations. Thanks to its novel construction, FLEX handles strain in six different directions, resulting in unprecedented shape retention characteristics. In addition to primary loads, off-angle loads in clew, head and tack areas, mid leech and luff are catered for. FLEX will also absorb those dynamic loads that occur during sailing and enables excellent shape control. FLEX styles are crosscut fabrics and available with several fibre densities which can be combined in a sail in accordance with the expected load situation. FLEX’s firmly locked-up fiber matrix guarantees long performance life and superior durability.

MULTI-DIRECTIONAL LOAD HANDLING 0° Warp, 90° Fill, double 20° yarns, and double 30° yarns means FLEX handles load in six directions

MAXIMUM DRAFT POSITION Multi-directional yarn layout addresses stability in draft position

LEECH STABILITY FLEX’s double ‘X’s handle mid-leech loads of high- and low-aspect mains and genoas

STEP-UP CONSTRUCTION Progressive weights in each FLEX line allow step-up construction

TEAR STRENGTH Strong, durable fill and warp yarns make FLEX a tough, durable material

SAIL WEIGHT REDUCTION FLEX has the ability to split weights from high-load to low-load areas

EASE OF CONSTRUCTION FLEX’s two extra ‘X’s means there’s no need to flip-flop panels If you require any further information and visual material please do not hesitate to contact:

Style: FLX13A, 1,5 mil, Weight: 4,9 oz

Style: FLX13P, 1,5 mil, Weight: 4,9 oz

Style: FLX13PC, 1,5 mil, Weight: 7,6 oz

If you require any further information and visual material please do not hesitate to contact:

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