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Harder than ice

In 2002 ice adventurer Arved Fuchs did the Northeast Passage along the Siberian coast. At the moment he sails along the Aleutian Islands in the most northern part of the Pacific on his 24-meter-cutter "Dagmar Aaen" which has been turned into an expedition boat. For more than 12 years he relies on sailcloth from DIMENSION-POLYANT. For ‘Dagmar Aaen’ he got two sets of sails. With the first one he sailed 55.000 miles.

The second one is still in use. During this time he has been 5 times in the Artic and 3 times in the Antartic. In addition he made several cruises through tropical waters. The used cloth is 600 g/qm and 400 g/qm in tanbark out of our Classic Line.

Further information about his voyages can be found at::