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World Speed Record

Communiqué de presse

Kempen, 27. août 2008


The sailcloth manufacturer DIMENSION-POLYANT is the true winner of the Olympic sailing competitions in China's Qingdao.

The regatta sailor Ben Aislie of Great Britain, Nathan Wilmot of Australia and the Dane Jonas Warrer are not only united in winning the gold medal at the Olympic sailing competition in China's Qingdao. They were all winners in their boat class with sail cloths by DIMENSION-POLYANT (DP). The sailcloth manufacturer from Kempen, Germany, with subsidiaries worldwide is the market leader when it comes to sail cloths.
The current success record of DP, however, goes beyond the scope of all past Olympic sailing competitions. "25 of the total 33 Olympic sailing medals possible were won with our cloths," says Robert F. Kühnen, Vice President Sales & Marketing. The fact that the Olympic winners are from different nations is particularly pleasing to the German sailcloth corporate group. Australians as well as Europeans and the Chinese won using these high tech sail cloths by DIMENSION-POLYANT. In addition, there were medals in nearly all boat classes.

"This success record underscores our quality production of premium sail cloths and the continuously innovative further development", states Robert F. Kühnen. The use of high tech synthetic threads for woven sail cloths or the lamination of so-called membrane sails has developed into a science which DIMENSION-POLYANT has mastered. The German headquarter as well as the DP development centres in Australia and the USA constantly develops new woven sail cloths and laminate sails to increase the speed potential of regatta dinghies and yachts. The more than 300 different qualities always hold the optimal cloth for the different Olympic classes. So the success rate of DIMENSION-POLYANT is crowned just as much by the gold medal in the class of heavy Finn Dinghy as by the high tech planing dinghy 49er, the fast Tornado catamaran as well as the Olympic windsurfer, the RS:X board.

The high quality and the effectiveness of the DP cloths become particularly apparent when all three first places in a class and thus all Olympic medals were sailed with DIMENSION-POLYANT sail cloths. This was the case in Qingdao in seven of the eleven Olympic boat classes. The DP sail cloths snatched up a total of 8 gold medals.
The premium cloths with names such as Flex(r), Square(r) , ODL are primarily developed at the headquarter in Kempen near Krefeld, which was the centre of German silk weaving 200 years. The specialisation in synthetic threads began about 40 years ago. The sailcloth by the then company Polyant, a subsidiary of the Krefeld Verseidag Corporate Group until 1998 became increasingly successful on regatta courses. It started a spectacular success story. Since then DIMENSION-POLYANT is programmed for growth.

The bases of its success, according to Robert F. Kühnen, were and are reliability, accuracy and diligence during production. With this Polyant continues to set worldwide standards to date and determines innovation and production of top-class sail cloths without losing sight of tradition. Thus even sail cloths for Windjammers such as the "Gorch-Fock", the sail training vessel of the German Navy,

1991 saw the merger crucial to the company's future with former competitor Dimension in the USA, forming its current company structure, the DIMENSION-POLYANT GmbH. Since the 1995 expansion of the plant in Kempen the entire production process takes place under one roof. From yarn inspection to shipping, the cloth passes up to 15 production steps. The fully integrated production of sail cloths is unique in the world and takes place over a production area of more than 17,000 square metres.

The latest weaving machines shoot fill yarn through the warp threads at a rate of up to 700 times per minute. Thicker yarns are shot with a projectile or transported via arm. Permanently consistent humidity and temperature prevail in the newly constructed weaving hall. Production is primarily computer-controlled. Finishes with or without solvents or coatings with foils lend the sail cloths the various properties for different sail designs. Yet every cloth quality is 100% identical, thus guaranteeing optimal quality to the sail maker, who works with millimetre accuracy, computer controlled cuts, and the sailor fast and long lasting sails.

The proverbial DIMENSION-POLYANT quality and the constant innovative continuing and new developments, in the words of Robert F. Kühnen, will continue to facilitate top sporting performances. The next Olympiad is certain to come. 

Additional information
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D-47906 Kempen-St. Hubert
Tel.:   +49(0)2152 / 8910
Fax:   +49(0)2152 / 891123

The boat classes of the Olympic winners in Qingdao with cloths by DIMENSION-POLYANT:
470 Men's: Gold, Silver, Bronze
470 Women's: Gold, Silver, Bronze
49er: Gold, Silver, Bronze
Finn Dinghy: Gold, Silver, Bronze
Laser radial: Gold, Silver, Bronze
Windsurfer Men: Gold, Silver, Bronze
Windsurfer Women: Gold, Silver, Bronze
Tornado: Gold
Yngling: Gold, Silver, Bronze