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FLEX, Fill Laminate Extra X

OYSTER 72 with GraphX™ GPL DT Carbon main and headsail


Communiqué de presse

Kempen, 15. mars 2006

GPL DT Carbon,

DIMENSION-POLYANT’s line of GraphX™ carbon laminates for racing and cruising of all sizes continues to have a huge impact within the sailing world. Superior fiber handling and advanced lamination technology using our patented insert processes makes GraphX™ the most durable carbon laminate on the market today.

This year has proven successful with multiple victories at the prestigious Key West Race Week in the GPL line. GraphX™ is also the fabric of choice selected for the Extreme 40 catamarans racing at each stop of the 2005-2006 Volvo Round the World Race. The record shows that this performance laminate has proven to be our most successful product in terms of performance and durability over our many years of production in lamination.

Expanding on the attributes of the GraphX™ line, we are expanding carbon applications by introducing GPL/DT, the ultimate offshore fabric, covering the range from medium cruisers up through Mega yachts.

The GPL and GPL/DT lines rely on a combination of Technora® scrim construction, unique yarn laying processes of warp insert and off–angle X-Ply™, and the experience of three in-house laminators dealing with carbon to create a distinct Grand Prix material with durability in mind. Focusing on optimization of the lamination platform, the base scrim has been re-designed to reduce the low-end crimp in the warp, increasing the effi ciency of the carbon insert as well as the fi ll yarn supporting trans-directional loads. Low stretch Technora® provides an incredible resistance to fl ex, increasing the performance of the carbon yarn, and is a proven factor in the overall durability. Films are protected on either side with extremely light yet durable polyester taffetas. All taffetas have UV coatings and are treated with antimicrobial additives for mildew prevention, providing a soft, abrasion resistant hand. The design mandate of creating a fabric with performance race characteristics and cruising protection in mind is achieved.

Carbon fiber has come a long way since its introduction to the world of sailcloth. Carbon offers great strength and modulus and does not suffer from UV exposure.

The GraphX™ line of fabrics comprises:
• GPL for the serious racer
• GPL DT for high performance cruiser/racers
• CXG (with special taffetas on either side) for the performance-oriented cruiser
• GXLD featuring Dyneema®/Spectra® taffetas and X-Ply™ for superyachts

DIMENSION-POLYANT‘s sailcloth engineers have mastered the art of carbon processing and laminating. And there is yet more to come! Please call your DIMENSION-POLYANT customer advisor with your inquiries and we will be glad to help!

Pour toutes informations complémentaires, veuillez contacter:
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