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WORLDWIDE SERVICE - DP Recommended SY Service Facilities

DIMENSION-POLYANT recognizes the need for continuing support in the Superyacht sector. For this reason DIMENSION-POLYANT have constructed a comprehensive worldwide network of sail lofts that we believe will offer a reliable and continued service for Superyacht sails manufactured using DIMENSION-POLYANT fabrics. By building a relationship over many years with these sailmakers it allows us to provide you with a network of possible SY service facilities that can offer you the knowledge and professionalism needed to have ‘peace of mind’ when sending your sails to be serviced as part of the SY warranty.

Beilken Sails (Germany)

United Kingom
Dolphin Sails (UK)

Doyle Sailmakers UK

SKB Sails Ltd

Incidence Brest (France, Brest)

Incidence Lorient (France, Lorient)

Incidence La Rochelle (France, La Rochelle)

Incidence Frejus (France, Frejus)

Doyle Italy (Italy, Palermo)

Banks Sails (Italy,Bari)

UK Halsey (Spain, Malaga)

Doyle Palma (Spain, Palma)

Hood Sydney (AUS, East)

Doyle Marblehead (USA, NE)

Doyle Sailmakers, USA, Ft. Lauderdale)

New Zealand
Evolution Sails

Antigua, West Indies
A & F Sails