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Woven and laminated sailcloth


Hydra Net® radialUVi® Technology

Woven Ultra-PE
With its patented weave and unique finish Hydra Net® radial surpasses strength and longevity usually associated with woven sailcloth. Hydra Net® radial is a 100% woven product with properties even exceeding those of some laminates, with a high proportion of Ultra-PE fibres in the warp direction. In house custom built looms guarantee an extremely tight weave, resulting in superior shape retention when affected by extreme loads combined with a ‘soft hand’.

Hydra Net® radial is the sailcloth of choice for those blue water cruisers wanting a woven product with an emphasis on durability, as shown in the Vendee Globe 2009.

Coloration: White
Application: Blue water long distance cruising
Available Superyacht range:
Hydra Net® radial 433 / Hydra Net® radial 484
Hydra Net® radial 533 / Hydra Net® radial 603


DYS ® Plus

Laminate with Ultra-PE
Super High modulus Ultra-PE fibres form the basis of DYS® Plus, using a unique weaving technique they are laminated between rugged woven Ultra-PE/ Polyester taffetas. Protective anti UV coatings exclusive to DIMENSION-POLYANT ensure that sails made from DYS® Plus will remain in the best possible condition over an extended period of time.

Used in a conventional radial construction, DYS® Plus offers superior overall performance to the sailor that requires low stretch sailcloth and unbelievable durability, performing on many of today’s 100’+ Superyachts.

Coloration: White
Application: Blue water cruising
Available Superyacht range:
DYS®23 Plus, 23000 dpi / DYS®29 Plus, 29000 dpi / DYS®38 Plus, 38000 dpi
DYS®44 Plus, 44000 dpi / DYS®53 Plus, 53000 dpi / DYS®60 Plus, 60000 dpi

DPI: denier per inch



GraphX® / Laminate with Carbon/Ultra-PE

The GXLD range compliments the other fabrics in the Superyacht range emphatically, providing a high performance fabric where shape retention is the priority. Combining the advantages of the Ultra-PE fibres together with the virtually zero stretch of the GraphX® carbon yarn, result in a light robust laminate with superior shape holding characteristics. Utilising our patented X-PLY® and INSERT in combination with DIMENSION-POLYANT’s proprietary carbon technology, sails constructed from GXLD are easy to handle and durable.

Once again the Ultra-PE/Polyester taffetas used, further strengthen these qualities, and together with the advanced unique top coatings and additives provide a fabric that is protected against harmful UV degradation. The ultimate answer in paneled goods, for the performance orientated sailor.

Coloration: White with black carbon ribbons
Application: Performance cruising
GXLD 25, 24600 dpi / GXLD 30, 31600 dpi / GXLD 35, 38600 dpi
GXLD 45, 46600 dpi / GXLD 50, 53600 dpi / GXLD 60, 66200 dpi

DPI: denier per inch