PX Black Line

It all started with our extremely successful PX Polyester warp oriented fabrics. Once they had sailed on the wave of success, our R&D team took the proven concept further and developed the PXB Polyester line coming with a custom black fiber coating and all its attractive benefits like the pleasant improvement of the UV properties of the Polyester fiber in an efficient weight-to-strength radial construction. As with our standard PX styles, the weight ranges will step up in 5000 deniers per inch increments in the warp, from 5000 to 20,000 DPI. At the same time, the fill DPI also increases as the warp count goes up to confidently respond to the intensified overall loading across the sail. Additionally, our patented Dimension‑Polyant X-PLY® comes into play and further addresses off angle loading for the highest stability available in this type fabric. We know that our clients do not expect any less from us than that.

Technical information