SF High Aspect

All you need is the right answer for your demands. Whilst a low aspect sail requires a more balanced construction in which the fill and the warp yarns offer equal resistance to stretch, a taller and narrower high aspect sail is based on a fabric with strong fill yarns. Thus, our Dimension‑Polyant SF High Aspect styles have been developed and refined to create a very strong fill-orientated sailcloth suiting high aspect, high performance mainsails, jibs and #3 genoas. When targeting at high aspect applications, our SF High Aspect feature a commanding combination of low stretch performance and durability. High-tenacity, non-crimped fill yarns are key to SF High Aspect’s unrivalled stability in the primary direction. The MTO finish gives it an easy-to-handle and soft feel when working with the sail. If you are not ready to sacrifice bias control these styles with their formidable fill stability are made for you and suit a wide range of boats. Obviously, they are produced with our latest UVi® Technology improving the UV resistance noticeably resulting in a welcome additional extension of life.

Technical information