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Technical information on radial cut styles

Open technical information on radial cut styles (PDF)

Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: When will Tyra PLY® products be available to order?
A: We are planning to have the first commercial styles available in Q1/2023

Q: Which products are you planning to launch first?
A: We will start with the pure aramid styles with Lite Skin® surface in an DPI range from 7.000 – 20.000. First for radial cut design, followed by a crosscut range.

Q: What’s next?
A: We are working on high modulus fiber Hybrids in 2023. In the phase ahead we are focusing on Dyneema®/Aramid because of reliable supply availability.

Q: Will you develop a taffeta version next to Lite Skin® soon?
A: Yes, because taffeta is mandatory for cruising applications.

Q: What can you say about the price level?
A: We are currently still in the validation phase and as the whole supply chain and market for raw materials is under massive pressure and changes due to the world’s economic situation and covid we cannot give exact pricing today. Of course, we will inform our customers as soon as we are able to give accurate pricing. We can say that cross cut and radial cut styles won’t differ much.

Q: Which boat lengths are you going to cover at this stage?
A: Up to 60 ft approximately. (monohulls)