FLEX® Ultra

Our R&D design team never stops striving for the very best solution for each and every of the many different demands in the world of sailing. With our accumulated experiences of working with the DFlex and FLEX® PolyCruise lines we have identified the need for a higher performance taffeta crosscut laminate in a sandwich version. Now next generation FLEX® Ultra exhibits a true fill construction resulting from a blend of Polyester and Ultra-PE fibers. Of course, FLEX® Ultra does come coated with the Dimension‑Polyant UVM® finish and represents a modern five-layer laminate. And we didn’t stop there as we wanted to protect the inner values of the laminate in a highly efficient way. Thus, we protect the carefully composed inner structure by letting a hydrophobic process do the work and eliminate internal water absorption. You can call this efficient and rely on it. We call it commitment to the highest performance for our customers. FLEX® Ultra is also flexible in terms of application: The different versions are made for mains (L, M, H), genoas (SL, L, M) and jibs (L, M, H) will be adapted to the size of the boats between 30’ and 45’.

Technical information