Winners do not only exist on the podium! Other successes can also be celebrated!

We were on site last week at the 2023 ORC World Championship in Kiel to support the AquaPLAY team.
The nine sailors competed with sails made from our high-performance TyraPLY® cloth. Difficult weather conditions, strong winds, waves and rain challenged the sailors in the first few days, followed by a long sail overnight, then more rain and the wind dropped sharply.

We are very proud that the team around helmsman Gordon Nickel fought their way through. And this was also rewarded. Although we could not cheer the sailors on the podium, but with their sixth place it was the best German team in its group and also left a large part of the competition, namely 61 other teams, behind.

We are thrilled about the great result and are eager to see where we can experience our Tyra next.

Copyright Photo: Christian Beeck