Dimension-Polyant and UK Sailmakers Türkiye have entered into a special partnership. Dimension-Polyant’s performance product Tyra PLY®, which was only launched last year, will also be available in Türkiye in the near future. In addition, the Tyra Technology® Competence Center in Türkiye will drive the further development of the world market leader’s in-house filament technology in the production of sailcloth and the continuous improvement of Tyra PLY® -radial, -cross cut and -balanced laminates.

The partnership program makes it possible to offer a comprehensive service for the innovative Tyra PLY® performance laminate on site and at the same time to test and improve it extensively. As an ambassador for Tyra PLY® and the Tyra Technology® on which this material is based, the sailmakers in Türkiye have extensive knowledge of how to use it. UK Sailmakers Türkiye will therefore be able to offer the entire Tyra PLY® product range in future and guarantee processing at the highest level. To this end, advice on choosing the right fabric, as well as the design and construction of individual sails, will be provided directly on site.

Joint material testing and development

As one of several centers of this kind in Europe and the USA, the competence center will help to expand Tyra Technology®. At the Turkish test base, UK Sailmakers Türkiye will act as a validation partner and innovation driver for further product development.

Dimension-Polyant CEO, Uwe Stein: “We are very excited about this partnership with UK Sailmakers. It gives us the unique opportunity to promote Tyra Technology® in Türkiye and to set new standards in the development of cloth, design and sailmaking with a center of excellence.”

UK Sailmakers Türkiye Partners Bülent and Barış Çelik: “We share the same excitement with the CEO Uwe Stein. It is an honour to be able to partner with Dimension-Polyant, a renowned sail cloth technology leader in the world, and to be the Tyra Technology® competence center in Türkiye. Our primary priority will always be to combine our experiences and pave the way to broaden horizons for all the sailors in the world.”

About the Tyra Technology®

With the development of Tyra PLY®, Dimension-Polyant has succeeded in producing filament sailcloth in rolls using the innovative Tyra Technology®, thus making high-performance materials that were otherwise reserved for membrane sails accessible to the broad mass of regatta sailors.

The material promises higher tensile strength and a broader performance spectrum than conventional laminates and offers the best ratio between weight and strength, thus drastically increasing the competitiveness of laminate sails compared to membrane sails.

Thanks to new special machines and tools, Dimension-Polyant is able to split fibers into a homogeneous distribution of filaments and fix them spread out flat in a tape. This results in unidirectional (UD) monofilament tapes that can be processed into a variety of materials. This product is sold directly to companies that manufacture composites under the name Tyra UD® and is also the basis for the new sailing product Tyra PLY®, which will also be used for kitesurfing, wing-foiling and windsurfing in the future.

About Dimension-Polyant

Working closely with sailmakers and industry partners, Dimension-Polyant can meet highly specific project requirements to produce the strongest, most durable and highest performing fabrics for sailmakers and the technical industry. This has given the company a unique position in the market since 1966. Years of expertise ensure that the stringent demands placed on the products can be met. Customization is the top priority.