Hydra Net® radial

If you know what our in-house developed Hydra Net® is capable of bringing to your boat you might, depending on your sailing style, expectations and aims, like Hydra Net® radial even more. This younger sister incarnates such a temptation to both, racing sailors with an interest in a still light but at the same time high strength sail, offering highly muscular support in stress sailing conditions. Or the quality-oriented cruising sailor, whose sails should simply last longer. The Hydra Net® radial range benefits from an extremely high share of Ultra-PE fibers in the warp direction. With admirable consequences: Whilst exceeding the specifications of other wovens and many laminates, this sailcloth reaches radial design targets which until recently were only possible with laminates. Now they can be put into practice with Hydra Net® radial because of its tightly woven polyester base with a ripstop of Ultra-PE. The composition leads to a higher in tear strength and the very pleasant fact that this sailcloth is simply stronger over the extended life of the sail than any woven polyester. As the smart construction is based on a breathable platform, the less damp environment gives mildew growth a much less chance to develop. Good to know: The Hydra Net® radial range of carefully composed fabrics offer several styles which can be combined for step-up constructions so that in close collaboration with your sailmaker you can simply do it your way.

Technical information