If performance is what drives you out on the water, Dimension‑Polyant Square® is made for you. Our premium polyester styles come into play when ultimate off-the-thread line support is desired. These Square® products are a breed of their own and come with many attractive aspects. You can recognize them at first glance by their ripstop pattern woven into the substrate by using either 500 or 1000 denier yarns paired in both the warp and the fill direction. These yarns create an extremely stable and strong fabric, even in their lightweight versions with the very firm HTP® plus finish. Square’s® recipe for success is based on a carefully balanced construction, woven with extra tightly packed small denier yarns. This unique composition results in strictly reduced stretch in all three directions. The fabric is suitable for both vertical and crosscut constructions in racing and cruising headsails. The range is also a popular material for designing smaller mainsails.

Technical information