Our very own Vectron combines the best properties of two very talented fibers: High strength polyester meets low stretch and high modulus Vectran®. The result of this unique fusion is a tightly woven fabric that on one hand is extremely stable and but at the same time pleasantly easy to handle. That’s because the classic sail manufacturing rule applies: The more tightly woven the material, the more stable it will be and thus the longer your sails will hold shape that your sailmaker of choice designed them to have. Our designers had the requirements and wishes of long-distance and offshore sailors in mind when creating the Vectron family for yachts from 35’ onwards. Dimension‑Polyant has a great deal of experience with this fabric. Its striking features: Vectron simply doesn’t stretch or degrade the way some other earlier fibers might do. No need to say that Vectronalso benefits from our unique UVi® technology reliably  accompanying our sails like high-grade parasols in all waters.

Technical information