Thinner - lighter - stronger

• Innovative & complementary advancement• Unique overall performance• Stable shape profile• Design flexibility

Our Story

With a deep history in developing the strongest, most durable, and highest performing fabrics for the sail making and technical industries since 1966 Dimension-Polyant is uniquely positioned to work closely with industrial partners to satisfy highly specific project needs. In-house production using the latest technologies coupled with our extensive knowledge base and expertise ensure even the strictest requirements are met – customisation is core to our DNA.

Technical highlights

• Spread filament-based technology• Best weight-to-modulus-ratio• Exceptional support of off angle loads• Filmless & ultra-thin

Ultra light and thin reinforcement solution to reach your targets

Tyra UD® pure

• Fibre weight: ~4 g/m2
• Total weight: 6-7 g/m2
• Width: 20, 30 or 60 cm

Tyra UD® pure is made of one type of fibre. We offer: Aramid (Twaron ®, Technora®)
UHMWPE (Dyneema®)
LCP (Vectran®)

Tyra UD® hybrid

• Fibre weight: ~16 g/m2
• Total weight: 25-27 g/m2
• Width: 20, 30 or 60 cm

Tyra UD® hybrid is made of different types of fibre, e.g. Dyneema® + Aramid. The ratio of the fibres can be specified.


Any sort of Tyra UD® with a backing with the help of a scrim, nonwoven, etc


If you have an idea of the properties you need for your application, let us know.

From board sports to biking and boatbuilding or other composite applications Tyra UD® Tape delivers performance and versatility. Our technology improves your production practices and enables new building techniques.






Responsible corporate action forms the basis for our sustainable economic success and secures our future.

As market leader in sailcloth and innovator in the field of technical fabrics, we are aware of our social responsibility and have set ourselves the goal to have as little negative impact as possible on the environment and the climate. Our work is characterized by respect for our environment.

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