Drastically improves impact toughness

X-PLY® Veil with Endumax® can add incredible impact toughness to composite parts. The strength and ductility added to laminate schedule, results in an extremely durable part, with negligible weight penalty. Adding X-PLY® Veil to a thin composite part can prevent splintering and shattering; improving safety for a variety of sporting applications.

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Other X-PLY® Veil Features

For torsional control and high modulus reinforcement

XPV 790 - X-Ply Veil

Super-efficient, high modulus unidirectional carbon for stiffness and light weighting

Enhanced damping characteristics for better feel and control

XPV 1150 - X-Ply Veil

Hybrid reinforcement for strategic stiffening and torsional control

Drastically improves impact toughness

Variable Angle X-PLY® Veil Technology