XPV 330

Enhanced damping characteristics for better feel and control

X-PLY® Veil with Innegra™ fiber can provide excellent damping characteristics in sports equipment or industrial applications where vibration reduction is advantageous, and comfort and feel is paramount. X-PLY® Veil is available in various fiber orientations to dampen vibration along deliberate axes.

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XPV 790 - X-Ply Veil

XPV 790

Increased flexural and torsional stiffness with a technical look.

XPV 990 - X-Ply Veil

XPV 990

Damping and vibration reduction depending on fiber selection.

XPV 1150 - X-Ply Veil

XPV 1150

Increased bending and torsional stiffness with minimal weight.

XPV 1000

Changing angles for different properties in the fields.