Dimension-Polyant is excited to announce the launch of its innovation lab, the Tyra Lab’. The Tyra Lab’ aims is to be the meeting of the leading sailcloth manufacturer, sail lofts, and our innovative Tyra PLY filament fabric. The main idea of the Tyra Lab’ is to follow every step of sail design using versions of Tyra PLY which are still in the Research & Development phase.

For Dimension-Polyant, the Tyra Lab’ will allow us to assess ongoing development paths with our clients and validate the most promising ones for future commercialization.

For our clients, the Tyra Lab’ will be a unique testing field where they can push their limits in terms of design and application spectrum.

The unique directive of the Tyra Lab’ is to leverage the exceptional characteristics of our products for ever more innovative and high-performing sails.

The inaugural project of the Tyra Lab’: Validate ultimate performance with an ultra-light version.

The first project hosted by the Tyra Lab’ brought together two sail lofts, Intuitive Sails and All’Purpose, each developing a different set of sails for a onedesign MACH 650. One set of sail served as a reference with our Tyra PLY Lite Skin®, already on the market, while the other aimed to push limits with an R&D version without taffeta, which we will be called: Tyra PLY Pure. This project last 3 months from January to March 2024, from design in the engineering office, through validation tests and optimization on the water, up to an ultimate battle at Spi Ouest France 2024 – March 28 to April 1. This first project allows with a very rapid and high-level experience, particularly appreciated by the participating sail lofts. Frédéric Moreau, technical and commercial director of All Purpose sail loft, testified, “This project within a tight timeframe provide quickly practical feedback on sail design and conception to understand the performance of sails in a highly innovative technology.”

The essence of the Tyra Lab’ lies in exchange and sharing of knowledge. We invite you to follow this adventure step by step through several episodes broadcasted on YouTube and social media. We also have a Dimension-Polyant stand at the Spi Ouest France village to follow passionately the results of two boats competing in the MACH 650 category. A comprehensive project review will be conducted following this renowned event.

The next steps for the Tyra Lab’

New projects are coming within the Tyra Lab’ this spring. They will focus on offshore regatta sailing programs combining performance and durability with the addition of woven taffeta embedded in the matrix of our filament material. The same philosophy drives us for these projects: break away from the standard – innovate – learn from on-water experiences – offer our clients the highest quality fabrics and ensure the relevance of our future developments.