X-PLY® Veil - the lightest composite reinforcement material for the greatest challenges.

Developed and patented by Dimension-Polyant, the world leader in sailcloth, X-PLY® Veil offers highly optimized, strategic fiber reinforcement to provide the highest performance characteristics at the lowest possible weight.

Our Story

Driven by the enthusiasm, ambition to innovate and passion to seek out the lightest and strongest materials, Dimension-Polyant’s latest revolutionary product is X-PLY® Veil . A step change in lightweight composite reinforcement, X-PLY® Veil utilizes advanced fiber placement and lamination techniques developed from decades as the leader in global sailcloth manufacturing. Whether at the front of the fleet, riding the waves, or at the top of the mountain X-PLY® Veil promises to deliver uncompromising performance.

For torsional control and high modulus reinforcement

Super-efficient, high modulus unidirectional carbon for stiffness and light weighting

Enhanced damping characteristics for better feel and control

Hybrid reinforcement for strategic stiffening and torsional control

Drastically improves impact toughness

Develop your custom tailored X-PLY® Veil.

Variable Angle X-PLY® Veil Technology

Sometimes different loads occur at different areas of a component
That’s why we have the possibility to variate the fiber angles to match it exactly to your needs.>>> more information
The angle changes between 0 and 55 degrees and can of course be adjusted according to the requirements

X-PLY® Veil properties:

  • Increases intra-laminate fracture toughness
  • Improved impact resistance
  • Aids resin flow and maximizes wet-out
  • Very low crimp, extremely straight fiber for excellent fiber efficiency
  • Broad choice of X-PLY® and insert fibers
  • Process compatibility
  • Conformity to curved, irregular or flat surfaces - forgiving and easy to handle


With X-PLY® Veil, we have developed not only a product but an exciting new technology with which we promise our customers a highly efficient fiber reinforcement for any composite application.

The different materials, angles and orientation of the X-PLY® are precisely controlled to meet the requirements of the application. The fine veil keeps the fibers in exact structure, allows for easy handling, and aides resin flow.

Currently we have X-PLY® Veil products with Aramid, Innegra™, Polyester, Ultra-PE or Endumax® fibers. Any off-axis X-PLY fiber orientation is possible between 0 and +/-55 degrees. This X-PLY® structure can also be reinforced by unidirectional inserts, in which case carbon fibers can be used in addition to the fibers mentioned above.

We would be happy to work with you to develop your own X-PLY® entirely according to your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sports Industry

Whether sailing yachts, carving turns on the snow or in the waves, light weight, high strength, durability, vibration reduction are key performance properties.

Automotive Industry

X-PLY® Veil provides increased impact strength, fracture resistance and a lower risk of splintering components. Making safer, more durable automotive parts whilst increasing performance.

Aviation Industry

Precise, selective reinforcements of light weight structural components makes X-PLY® Veil a perfect choice in the development of lightweight and fuel-efficient aircraft.


Responsible corporate action forms the basis for our sustainable economic success and secures our future.

As market leader in sailcloth and innovator in the field of technical fabrics, we are aware of our social responsibility and have set ourselves the goal to have as little negative impact as possible on the environment and the climate. Our work is characterized by respect for our environment.

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