And that’s done!
Three months of sailing in often hard conditions to reach the wild coasts of Northeast Greenland!

The VIA SEDNA team of 8 women, led by Marta Guemes, our technical sales representative in France, succeeded in the project initially imagined: a round trip to Greenland from La Rochelle and the opening of a new climbing route in the granite walls of the Scoresby Sund.

Their trip was marked by some important breakdowns and a very heavy weather.

“I knew that the navigation to Greenland was going to be complex, but this year the weather seemed to be working against us. In conditions like these, it was a great relief to be able to rely on strong, high-performance sails!”

To limit their impact on places that should remain preserved like Greenland, the team decided to make the return trip by sailboat, which involves 3 months sailing for 15 days on site! They also chose to equip their sailboat with Dimension-Polyant’s new climate neutral fabric, the Biobased Hydra Net® Radial!

The team is coming back loaded with breathtaking images and with lots of adventures to tell!