Dear Business Friends,

At Dimension-Polyant safety has always been the most important issue for us.

The health and well-being of our employees, the communities and customers we serve is priority number one. We like to inform you about Dimension-Polyant current policies and approach concerning the COVID-19 outbreak.

While we deeply regret the toll this virus has taken on communities and families around the world, Dimension-Polyant operates safe and focused, and our plants are running.

Dimension-Polyant continues to follow recommendations from local and worldwide Health Organizations as we manage the daily activities of our company. In addition, we are following all local laws and restrictions in specific countries around the world.

We also have comprehensive business continuity plans in place to monitor and mitigate impacts on our operations. These plans address scenarios for employees, customers, suppliers, feedstock and energy supplies, production and supply chains around the world, and more.

Because reducing the spread of the virus is critical, we have interrupted our travel activities and participation in personal meetings, trade shows, conferences and regattas. Instead, we are turning to digital capabilities to maintain our connections.

Despite global supply chain challenges, Dimension-Polyant is making all efforts to maintain reliability in delivering our products to keep your business running. These include contingency shipping routes and modes, securing additional logistics capacity, and moving critical raw materials into our plants.

For the time being let us stay side by side as we work through these challenging dynamics together.

Kempen, March 17, 2020

Best Regards

Uwe Stein