Sails have travelled the world and endured great forces in pursuit of victory and new adventures. The lifespan of offshore sails is, on average, 2.000 hours. In high performance usage, sails may last as little as one race. Considering that over 8 million square meters sailcloth is produced each year and recycling and reuse of materials is estimated to be less than 10%, this results in an abundance of discarded sails. These end up – at best – on attics of nostalgic and passionate sailors around the globe, but will eventually end up in landfills. They will then take over an estimated 1.000 years to decompose, whilst releasing toxic chemicals harming the environment in the process.

Material Research by Pauline van Dongen

Dimension-Polyant x New Order of Fashion

As a trailblazer in the industry when it comes to sustainable innovation, Dimension-Polyant recently embarked on a journey with New Order of Fashion to research and develop solutions for a valuable and durable second life for used sails. The first research phase has been concluded and the results look very promising. With these results and under mentorship of New Order of Fashion’s Artistic Research Manager dr. Pauline van Dongen and designer Stina Randestad, a new generation of the world’s leading design talents will dive in and explore further applications during Dutch Design Week 2021 at the New Order of Fashion LAB. On Wednesday 20 October, Dimension-Polyant and New Order of Fashion will share the astonishing results of the extensive joint research in an interactive presentation by CEO of Dimension-Polyant, Uwe Stein, and dr. Pauline van Dongen.

About Dimension-Polyant

Dimension-Polyant is the world’s largest sailcloth producer. Dimension-Polyant has consistently set the standard with their high-quality products, precision workmanship and world-class innovations since 1966. As of 2021, Dimension-Polyant produces climate neutral and is widely known for its continuous conscious efforts, leading the way towards a more sustainable future of the sailmaking industry. Dimension-Polyant is owned by Sioen Industries.

About New Order of Fashion

New Order of Fashion (NOoF) is a platform that enables the world’s most visionary design talents to boost the transition to a circular industry. Under the guidance of our expert team of scientists and senior designers, our talents illustrate fresh perspectives through innovation, experimentation and co-creation. With post consumer and post production textiles as its valuable source, NOoF presents a unique opportunity for textile producers and fashion brands to involve bright young design talents to rethink design and reinvent discarded materials that lead to circular solutions and closed loops.

“The playgrounds where our products come to life, our oceans, are in crisis. Dimension-Polyant has therefore always recognized its responsibility for the whole lifecycle of its end products. We are deeply impressed with the ground-breaking results of the recent studies we conducted together with dr. Pauline van Dongen of New Order of Fashion and are hopeful to explore possible durable avenues for used sailcloth together with the world’s most talented designers.”

Uwe Stein, Dimension-Polyant

New Order of Fashion 2021 is supported by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Cultuur Eindhoven, Regiodeal Brainport Eindhoven, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Location DDW: Torenallee 22-06, Strijp S
Opening: 16-24 oktober // 11.00 – 18.00 uur
Entry: €2 or free entry with DDW Ticket

Location presentation: The Student Hotel Eindhoven, Auditorium // Wed 20 Oct 18.30-20.00, please RSVP to to secure a seat

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Note for press

Due to limited number of seats, please rsvp to to attend the presentation of Uwe Stein x dr. Pauline van Dongen,. There will also be a livestream of the presentation.


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