Dimension-Polyant has been researching, developing, and manufacturing world-beating sailcloth for more than half a century. This wealth of experience is the foundation on which new products come into the limelight that are ahead of their time. The latest evolution has now celebrated its world premiere. Let’s talk about Tyra PLY®.

The new star product from the Dimension-Polyant tech forge is ready to take regatta scenes by storm. May that be in Sailing, Kitesurfing, Wing-Foiling or Windsurfing.

Heiner Schillings, quality manager and member of the R & D team at Dimension-Polyant for more than 15 years, explains the benefits of the new Tyra PLY® answering advanced performance demands. By describing the process, the advantages become obvious: “A good two years ago we came to an agreement with two machine manufacturers. Thus, we were able to have the right system built specifically for our purposes. In fact, there are two machines: one with which we can spread the yarns we receive on spools in individual filament ends so that they lie parallel next to each other and can be fixed in that state with an adhesive. The product of this machine is sold under the name of Tyra UD® tape (please visit www.tyra-ud.com). The second one is even more exciting and is called a cross-ply machine. There, the Tyra UD® tapes can be laid on top of each other at different angles. It is a machine with two robots. One takes the tapes and puts them in accurately on the laying table. The second one fixes the tapes together via pressure and temperature. That’s how Tyra PLY® is made.”

The result represents a revolution. Based on an inner matrix with Tyra UD® getting “married” with a Lite Skin® Surface in an exclusive process, Tyra PLY® is what sailmakers and sailors dreams are made of. Tyra PLY® is characterized by filaments placed precisely to give strength and stability not only for the primary load paths but the spread filament-based technology guarantees exceptional support of off-angle loads and offers a unique overall performance. This very targeted process results in strong but at the same time very light products which comes filmless and ultra-thin. “Tyra PLY® impresses with an enormously high stretch stability”, explains Schillings, the fiber expert.

“We are able to split fibers into a never seen before homogenous spread of filaments and fix those in a filament-layer tape”, says Schillings. The use of Tyra PLY® offers profile stability and a significant reduction of weight compared to classic laminates and even membranes. If, as a sailmaker, you appreciate technical superiority and like to fully optimize your sails, Tyra PLY® is made for you.”, says Schillings. “What I find coolest is the extremely good performance-to-weight ratio. If we look at comparable performances of other laminates, we achieve weight savings of 30 to 40 percent with Tyra PLY®.” It offers every customer, and future-oriented sailmaker, the possibilities of grand-prix level sails with off the shelf sailcloth tailored exactly to the respective requirements.

Tyra PLY® comes in black, in-line with current on the water trends, but it is already one of the beacon products that light up Dimension Polyant’s product range. You dream of creating thinner, lighter, stronger, and smarter sails? Let’s talk about Tyra PLY®!