Dimension-Polyant is an innovative, highly versatile company. DP is ready to partner with companies working
on solutions to overcome the current COVID-19 crisis. DP can provide global production capability
with facilities in Kempen, Germany and Putnam, Connecticut USA.

As worldwide market leader in sailcloth and technical fabrics we are linked to the marine industry, and other
demanding markets requiring advanced solutions. We envision alternative applications of our high tech
materials in the health care field.

In our own production facilities, Dimension-Polyant has weaving and finishing capabilities utilizing
technical fibers (Polyester, Polyamide, Aramid, UHMWPE, etc.). DP is also a leader in technical fabric
lamination, creating strong, completely impermeable fabric membranes. We have specific knowledge and
abilities to apply functional thin coatings to vast materials.

Our extremely light spinnaker fabrics have been used in protective garments, aprons, and patient
transfer sheets. We can also apply specialized coatings to make them liquid repellent, slippery or soft.

Our fabrics and laminates could be utilized for partitions in containment zones or structural fabric tenting.
They can easily be cleaned and disinfected. We also have inventory of optically clear films used for
fabrication of face shields.

The entire global team at Dimension-Polyant is eager to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dimension-Polyant is uniquely positioned to respond immediately to this crisis with innovative,
effective solutions.

Please get in touch with our technical engineers and experts to discuss your needs!


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