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Dimension-Polyant’s new force: Discover fiber queen Tyra PLY® on the rise

Dimension-Polyant has been researching, developing, and manufacturing world-beating sailcloth for more than half a century. This wealth of experience is the foundation on which new products come into the limelight that are ahead of their time. The latest evolution has now celebrated its world premiere. Let’s talk about Tyra PLY®.

The new star product from the Dimension-Polyant tech forge is ready to take regatta scenes by storm. May that be in Sailing, Kitesurfing, Wing-Foiling or Windsurfing.

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And that’s done! Three months of sailing in often hard conditions to reach the wild coasts of Northeast Greenland!

The VIA SEDNA team of 8 women, led by Marta Guemes, our technical sales representative in France, succeeded in the project initially imagined: a round trip to Greenland from La Rochelle and the opening of a new climbing route in the granite walls of the Scoresby Sund.

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